When it comes to standing seam roofing projects, material availability is the name of the game. We have our own roll forming equipment and we stock the standard colors in 24 gauge Kynar coil. Your standing seam roofing material can be just a call away. With 20-year water tightness warranties and a 30-year finish warranty on all of our Kynar products, we have everything the big boys have with better availability.

Corrugated metal panels, typically installed using exposed fasteners with neoprene washers, can be used as roofing and wall siding. These Home Depot photos show McElroy Mega Rib Panels in both applications. The fasteners can be color coated to match the Kynar panels. The panels can be fabricated as long as 55 feet to run seamless from the gutter to the headwall, or panels can be ordered in common lengths and seamed with butyl tape in the joints. Translucent panels are available for natual lighting to match most panel profiles.

Metal Shingles last longer than any asphalt based roofing product. Longer lasting materials decrease life cycle cost of the roofing system. Reduced re-roofing reduces material disposal in landfills. Metal for shingles comes from recycled material and will be recycled when removed. Ceramic stone coating achieves color blending for a more traditional appearance. Increasing popularity and number of manufactures proides infinite selection of profiles, textures, colors, size, and shapes.