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We design our coping to join using drive cleats. The top of the coping is turned to form a 1/2″ tab and the front and rear faces over lap. A interlocking drive cleat slides onto the tabs and folds down sealing the coping sections from the weather. This method of joining coping allows each section to move independently providing for expansion and contraction. The front of the coping is secured to the building by a continuous cleat fabricated of one gauge heavier metal than the coping. The rear can be cleated as well to conceal the fasteners. However, this method of installation makes removal for re-roofing difficult. Fastening using non-corrosive screws with washers 24″ O.C. allows the coping to easily be removed and re-installed.

Troy City Hall

Wolfrum Crossing

Annette Harris Officer Elementary School

Drive Cleat Installation

Double Tree Hotel



All of our roof edge and flashing is pre-notched at the shop for a 3″ over lap. Pre-notching makes each piece and each over lapped joint uniform. The pieces nest together with no visible gap. Urethane sealant between pieces keeps the joint water tight. Pre-notching keeps all of the scrap sheet metal bits in our shop and not on your new roof.

Parkway Middle School

Pattonville Senior High

Parkwood Elementary School

Parkway Elementary School

Brown Elementary School



Kelly-Tite Snap On Roof Edge Systems

St. Pauls Church

Hammel Elementary School

Choate Mental Health Center

Metal-Era Fascia/Gravel Stop

Bethalto Elementary