Our Mission is to make your remodeling dreams come true!

  • Saint Louis Metal Work, believes that customers deserve quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service. Our competitive pricing makes us one of northeast St Louis’s leaders in business and home remodeling.

  • Saint Louis Metal Work is one of Northeast Saint Louise's leader in the placement of stamped concrete, driveways, foundations, footers, poured walls, basements, slabs, patios and more. We have the experienced staff to handle any of your concrete need

  • Saint Louis Metal Work takes pride in our work and our company. We offer excavation services at competitive pricing. We understand how important getting the job done right and on-time is.

  • All of these problems can be rectified and corrected with our leveling process. Our local climate varies greatly. These varying temperatures result in freeze/thaw cycles that can cause improperly installed concrete to heave and lift.


Our Mission is to make your remodeling dreams come true!

Saint Louis Metal Works is a full service general contracting and construction firm that specializes in business remodeling, home improvement projects, leveling, concrete, stamped concrete, landscaping, and excavation work. Saint Louis Metal Works is fully licensed, bonded and insured. We have been doing business for over 30 years. We are also a proud member of the Better Business Bureau (B.B.B) and the American Concrete Institute (A.C.I) Our workforce is of the highest quality. For your safety and trust, as well as ours, we insist on a drug-free workplace. We want our customers fully confident in the integrity of our great employees.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dimaio Stow

    My wife and I truly enjoy our outdoor patios and the back yard. Our stone patio that we put in when we built our home served well but became more uneven after each winter. I have worked with Tim on several large projects, so naturally I contacted Tim and he set up an appointment right away. My wife and I sat down with Tim one evening at our convenience, Tim discussed our options. Showing us the brochure with all the different stamp designs and colors, photos of real designs and lay outs of other projects, my wife and I came to an agreement with Tim that evening and we asked how soon could we start our back yard patio project. He called us the next week, letting us know that the project would begin within 2 weeks and he would begin and finish within the same week they started it. My wife and I are very pleased with Saint Louis Metal Works, their crew and the beautiful new patios that we enjoy every time our busy schedules allow us time to do so. We highly recommend Saint Louis Metal Works.

  • Sue Latine

    To whom it may concern: I highly recommend Siteworks Enterprises as a contractor. We contracted with them to put 2 stamped concrete patios in our yard after seeing their work at a friend’s house. One area had a combination of concrete and large landscaping stones and the other area had small paver bricks. After a discussion with Tim regarding the work to be done, including choice of stamp design and color for the patios, the work began promptly. It seems as if the work was done in no time with no worries about removal and disposal of the “old” patio stones, etc. The patios have added value to our home for a minimal amount of money. The functionality of the 2 areas have increased the time we are able to spend outdoors enjoying our yard. Sincerely!

  • Mr. and Mrs. William Cowell Macedonia,

    We had the good fortune to select Saint Louis Metal Works for drive and walkway repair this past fall. They leveled and replaced sections of the driveway, lifted section of the walkway, and caulked the foundation around the patio. They came as scheduled and all was done promptly in a professional, friendly, and efficient manner. Also impressive was the clean up. All debris was removed, and landscaping and lawn were left in great shape. We are very satisfied with the result, and can highly recommend Saint Louis Metal Works.

  • J.D. Sullivan

    Saint Louis Metal Works does all kinds of concrete and stone work. We recently had a small walkway installed as well as our old coal chute repaired by Saint Louis Metal Works. I have found them to be knowledgeable, creative and reasonable. I highly recommend.

Our Business Motto is to understand your needs first. We do this in a five step process that works:

1. Understand your dream for the project so we can exceed your expectations. 2. We want you to free of the disruptions remodeling work creates. We want you to invite us back for your next remodeling project, not to fix the one we did. Therefore, we get the work done right the first time. 3. We work on your schedule. Remodeling work is hard on a business or a family. We reduce this stress by working when you want us to work. 4. Remodeling work can be expensive. We know this. We won't surprise you with changes to the budget. 5. Our goal is to create a customer for life. Here are five actions you can expect from Siteworks Enterprises, Inc.: 1. Quickness and flexibility. We work on your schedule. You are busy with your life. Our job is not to create any more work or stress for you. Because we are quick in getting the job done right we can be flexible to help minimize the disruption construction work can cause. 2. Cleanliness. Our goal. Our workers are taught to leave the site cleaner than when we started. This allows you to enjoy your project sooner and with less mess. 3. Products. The products we use are safety tested by our suppliers. Our suppliers are state certified. This means you can enjoy your project worry free for years to come. 4. Tools. We pride ourselves in having the latest tools that are cleaned and well maintained. This is one of the major components that allows us to be quick and flexible. We eliminate surprises because our tools work as hard as our people. 5. People. Our people are our employees. We do not subcontract our workers. Because of this we have flexibility of when we start a job and this allows us to work on your schedule. Call Today for an Estimate and Free Demonstration!

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